Who Can Model For Us?

Some of the vegan women featured on this website are professional models, but most are just regular vegans with non-modeling occupations. Sometimes we ask vegans that we've met in person if they'd like to model for us. Sometimes vegans who have seen our photos on this website or on social media ask us if they can model for us. If you might be interested in modeling for Vegan Beauty, please send us a message on Instagram, or email us at [email protected] Please be patient while waiting for a response; we are very busy people, and sometimes we may not be able to respond for a couple of weeks. While we cannot guarantee that we will say yes to your request, we greatly value and welcome all modeling inquiries!


Vegan Beauty is not about money. We don't pay our models to model for us, and our models don't pay us for our photography services. Our models allow us to use their images for free, and we allow our models to use our photos for free. Money is not our motivation. We're doing this for the animals and the planet!


What clothes should you bring with you to a photo-shoot? The wider the range, the better! From formal dresses to scruffy jeans and T-shirts; from bikinis to lingerie. The choice is entirely yours, however the wider the range that you bring, the more possibilities we'll have to work with!


Some people like to model with props such as fruit, vegetables, pets, or stuffed animals. Feel free to bring any of your own props with you if you like!

Hair & Makeup

Sometimes we collaborate with vegan hair stylists and makeup artists; however, most of the time we prefer to let our models do their own hair & makeup just the way they like it! We think this results in photos with a more natural and personal kind of beauty. So please bring whatever you'll need to make that happen.

Body Hair

The amount of body hair that you choose to remove or leave is entirely up to you. However, for the most professional-looking results, most women remove hair from legs, armpits, bikini line, and face prior to the shoot. In the editing stage, we are able to touch up these areas sometimes using Photoshop, but the longer the hair is, the harder and less effective that becomes.


Typically, the photographer will take about 500 photos in a 2-hour photo-shoot. After the photo-shoot, he'll usually delete about 100 that don't look good enough for various different reasons. Then he'll give copies of the remaining 400 unprocessed photos to the model. She will select her favorite 5 to 10 photos. The photographer will then fully process those 5 to 10 photos, improving the color and light levels, removing photography equipment from the backgrounds, cropping them, and making any changes that the model requests. If the photos are all up to Vegan Beauty's high standards, we will then publish the 5 to 10 photos that the model has approved. Regardless of whether or not Vegan Beauty chooses to publish the photos, the model will be able to use any of the photos in any way she wishes.