About Vegan Beauty

Our Goals

Vegan Beauty is here to show the world how extraordinarily beautiful vegans are, inside and out!

Why? To encourage people to eat less meat and dairy products.

Why? To reduce the unnecessary suffering and death of animals; to reduce the unnecessary suffering and death of people (vegan diets are much healthier); and to minimize the severity of global warming and climate change.

Our Style

The style of our photos can be summarized as "beautiful, sexy, and respectable." Not only do they show the beauty of our models' faces, they also often show the beauty of our models' bodies.

There are two reasons why our style focuses on the physical beauty of vegan women:

    1) Feminine beauty attracts people's attention with an immediate strength that other things don't.

    2) It's a person's body far more than their face that truly shows how fit and healthy they are - and we want to show the world just how fit and healthy vegans are! 

Our Models Are In Control 

Vegan Beauty is a morally focused website. We attempt to be as moral as possible in our goals, actions, and practices. One outcome of that is that we give our models full control to approve or reject their photos individually. Every single photo displayed in our Vegan Women section has been specifically selected or approved by the model shown in it. The models gave us permission to display their photos. Our models want us to display their photos!

Photo Removal 

If you are in one of our photos and you've changed your mind about letting us display it, please just ask us, and it will be removed. You can contact the photographer directly by phone, Facebook, Instagram @the.beauty.of.vegans, or email [email protected] (Please note that our phone numbers and email addresses change occasionally, so Facebook and Instagram are the most reliable ways to contact us. Please be patient while waiting for a response to your messages. We are very busy people, and sometimes we're unable to check our messages for a couple of weeks.)


Not all of our models would be comfortable with their modeling photos popping up when their full names are Googled by their family, friends, work colleagues, employers, etc. Therefore, Vegan Beauty doesn't use anyone's full name on this website or social media.

Model For Us!

If you like the idea of using your own vegan beauty to help animals, people, and the planet, then please tell us in person, message us on Instagram @the.beauty.of.vegans, or email us at [email protected] Thank you very much!