Photo-Shoot Ideas for Andrea!

First of all, I suggest that you read the Information pages on this website and take a look at some of the photos of other vegan models on this website. That will familiarize you with my motivations and style, and it will set the context for my ideas for your photo-shoot below.

My basic photo-shoot idea for you can be summarized as "The Beautiful Vegan, Andrea, in Nature."

Therefore, we will be in an outdoors location with a selection of different clothes and props that fit in with that title.

The selection of clothes that you bring with you is entirely up to you. My suggestion is that you bring a range of different clothes that aren't too heavy (we'll be carrying them into an outdoors area). Maybe about 3 (or more) different outfits like this:

1) Something elegant or pretty, like a dress.

2) Something that fits in with your personal style. For example, like casual shorts and a T-Shirt.

3) Something more revealing, like a bikini (if you're OK with it).

It's very important to me that people who model for Vegan Beauty feel comfortable with the clothes that they wear.  Therefore, before every shoot, I ask the models to fill out a Clothing Plan, which I can use to guide me during the shoot. That ensures that I don't ask the models to do anything that they're not comfortable with. I have that form as a pdf file. If you tell me your phone number or email address, I will send you a copy. The form also contains an agreement that I will only use photos that you specifically approve.

I will bring some fruit and veg to use as props. Do you have any favorite fruit or veg?

If you would like to bring any vegan, animal, or nature-related props with you, please do! (I don't think we should do this shoot at the Animal Sanctuary, but in the future, that may be something we could do!)

You're a very beautiful, fit, and healthy-looking woman! And when I met you, you seemed very comfortable and confident modeling. I'm sure that we're going to end up with some amazing photos! :)