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It was a great pleasure working with Val on these photos! She stands out among other models as being an exceptionally kind, compassionate, motivated, and considerate person!

This is what Val wrote about herself:

"I became vegetarian at 12 years old after making the connection that loving animals means not eating them. However, it would take another 16 years for me to fully realize the cruelty involved in eating dairy, eggs and actually sea creatures as well. Immediately after becoming vegan, a severe allergy that had me coughing for weeks at a time disappeared, and I was so relieved that the doctor had made a mistake. Veganism continued to help me grow into the healthy being I am today, not just physically but mentally as well. When I got involved as an activist, I was compelled to come out of my comfort zone, speaking out at protests and using my social media accounts as a platform to raise awareness. When I’m not being an animal rights warrior, I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, skateboarding, yoga and energy healing (I'm a Reiki Master), swimming, driving race cars (my dream car is the Porsche Taycan), learning new things and drinking great coffee!"
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