Model For Us

Would You Like to Model for Us?

Most of the photo-shoots we do are for paying customers or clients. Occasionally, however, we also work with models for free on our own creative projects. If you like the idea of being one of our models, and if you meet the following requirements, please send us a message (using our Contact page or the email address [email protected]).

Model Requirements

- We always welcome professional models, however no previous modeling experience is necessary. 

- Must be between 18 and 35 years old. (We occasionally work with older models if they're celebrities or exceptionally fit.)

- Must be of a healthy weight. (About 70% of Americans are overweight. This means that people who are of an 'average weight' are still overweight. We prefer working with models who look significantly more healthy than the average American.)

- Must be OK with concealed nudity. When working on our own creative projects (as opposed to doing shoots for paying customers) we specialize in producing photos that are "beautiful, sexy, and respectable." The best and most effective way to produce beautiful, sexy, and respectable photos is to show 'concealed nudity' in them - where the model is topless or naked but their nudity is covered by their hands, shawls, props, or shadows. This type of photo is very good at making the observer pay attention and say "Wow!" without sacrificing any of the models' privacy or respectability. We therefore prefer working with models who are brave enough or professional enough to model in this way.

- Must be willing to travel to Los Angeles, CA 90016 for the photo-shoot.


If you model for us, it will be a collaboration without any exchange of money. You will model for us, and we will give you some high quality photos for free!

What Will the Photos Be Used For

After we've finished sorting and editing the best photos, we'll put those photos in a private (password protected) gallery on this website. You will then be able to download copies of your photos for free and tell us which ones you want deleted from the gallery. When you're happy with the contents of the gallery, we'll make it public so that you can share it with your friends and family. Your friends, family, or any other visitors to this website will be able to purchase prints from us if they wish. Any photos that remain in the gallery may be used by us at any time for promotional purposes (on business cards, flyers, etc.), on our Facebook page, or on other associated websites.

Send Us a Message!

If you fit our model requirements and you'd like to model for us, please let us know! If you're still undecided, don't be shy - send us a message anyway! :)