After Your Photo-Shoot

After you've done a photo-shoot with Creative Modeling, this is what happens next:

1) Waiting

If you're a paying client, we'll usually be able to start working on your photos within 3 days. If we're doing a collaborative project with you (with no exchange of money), it may take up to 2 or 3 weeks.

2) Choose Your Favorite Shots

The first thing we'll do is upload all of your basic unedited photos into your own private (password protected) gallery on this website. These photos won't be high quality, edited, finished photos; they'll be low quality, unedited photos that often don't look very good!

When one of our cameras take a photo, it saves two files: a small, low quality photo, which can be used for quick and easy viewing, and a large, high quality image file, which we can fully edit to produce a high quality finished product. It's the small, low quality photos that we'll put into your gallery. These photos often look too dark or bright, and they often have unnatural or unflattering skin colors.

Don't worry about the low photo quality! Your job at this stage is simply to select the photos in which you like your expression and pose. The number of photos we ask you to select will depend on the agreement we initially made. Typically, we ask you to select your favorite 5, 10, or 20 shots.

When you've selected your favorite photos, please send us their code numbers. (The code numbers appear underneath the photos when you click on them. Example: DSC02387. It's OK to tell us just the last 4 numbers of the photos that you select.)

3) Editing Your Favorite Shots

After you've told us which photos are your favorites, we'll work through them one at a time editing them fully (using the large, high quality image files). Editing a photo often involves doing things like brightening or darkening the background, removing background objects (like studio lights), adjusting the brightness of the model, adjusting skin colors, removing skin blemishes, softening the skin, tidying up stray hairs, and cropping the image.

The editing process is very time-consuming and can take up to 2 weeks to finish.

4) Public or Private?

When we've finished editing your photos, we'll put them into your private gallery and remove all of the low quality images. Then you need to decide which photos you want to be public and which you want to remain private. Please send us the code numbers of the ones you want to remain private. 

5) Getting Copies of Your Photos

After we've finished editing your photos, we'll add a "Download" button to the photos in your private gallery. You can use that button to download your own copies of all of your finished photos. After you've downloaded your photos, then we can either make your gallery public so you can share it with your friends, or we can delete it if you prefer.

6) Releasing & Sharing Your Photos

When you share your photos with other people, it's customary (and very much appreciated) to give credit to the photographer and/or to Creative Modeling. These are the best ways to do that:

     - If you post your photos on Facebook or some other social media, please add a link to this website and credit the photographer and/or Creative Modeling by name. 

     - Or you can simply post a link to this website, or to your public gallery, or to an individual photo. Or you can email the link to your friends.

     - If you release a photo on Instagram, please tag @CreativeModeling on it.

8) Promotional Photos

If we like one of your public photos enough, we might choose to post it on Creative Modeling's Facebook page or Instagram page. If we do that, we'll tag you in it (unless you don't want us to). After we've tagged you on Facebook, the photo might automatically appear on your timeline. If it doesn't (because of the way you've set up your Facebook settings), please feel free to share the photo on your timeline.

Our Vegan-Promoting Goal

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, please remember that Creative Modeling's goal is to promote a meat-free, animal-friendly way of life. Therefore any support you can give us in the sharing and promoting of your photos and our photos, the better!

Also, if you know any veggie celebrities or any other potential vegan models, please do ask them if they'd like to participate in our project!

Thank you very much!