About Us

What Is Creative Modeling?

Creative Modeling is a photography service in Los Angeles. Our services are significantly less expensive than those of many other photography services because we don't maintain a large professional studio. Instead, we use a fully equipped home-studio. We also do a lot of nature shoots.

We specialize in beauty photography, however we're open to taking on a wide variety of other projects.

We offer a 1-hour head-shot service (click here for more details) or full photo-shoots that last either 1 or 2 hours (click here for more details).

An increasingly popular service that we provide to women is an 'exploration shoot,' where women are able to explore their physical beauty in a safe and secure environment (click here for more details).

We don't typically do wedding or event photography.

We're not a modeling agency. Frequently, however, we help aspiring models set up their portfolios and comp cards.

We offer our clients an unusual amount of flexibility to pick and choose which parts of our services they require (for example, some of our clients like to save money by editing and cropping their photos themselves).

As our name suggests, we are as much about the artistic, creative side of photo-production as we are about the technical side. We consider ourselves to be as much artists as photographers. Also as our name suggests, we recognize and embrace the value, importance, individuality, and input of our models in the whole photo-producing process. Models often don't get a very good deal in the modeling world. That's one of the reasons why our prices are quite low in comparison to most other photography studios. And it's why we also do a lot of collaborative work with models for free!

Vegetarians & Vegans

The founder of Creative Modeling is very active in the vegetarian and vegan community in Los Angeles. One of his personal projects is to use his photography to show people just how beautiful, handsome, healthy, sexy, and fun vegetarians and vegans are!

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, and if you like the idea of doing a photo-shoot with us to help promote a meat-free diet to the world, please read our About This Project page!

(You don't need to be a vegetarian or vegan to enlist our services or to do a collaborative project with us!)