About This Project

Creative Modeling for Vegetarians & Vegans

As well as being a photographer, the founder of Creative Modeling is a vegan. In 2010 he set up Creative Modeling to promote a meat-free way of life to the world. The idea has proved to be so popular that Creative Modeling regularly produces vegan-promoting, animal-friendly photos for clients, celebrities, and our own projects.

The Initial Goal

The initial goal of this project is to show the world just how beautiful, handsome, healthy, and fun vegetarians and vegans are!

The Underlying Goal

There are a number of very good reasons why any individual might decide to become a vegetarian or vegan. The main reason of Creative Modeling's founder is that he doesn't like animals to suffer or be killed. So the goal behind the goal of this project is to reduce the suffering and death of animals by promoting a meat-free way of life.

People regularly tell us that our vegan-promoting photos inspired them to eat less meat, less dairy, or become vegetarian or vegan! The beauty and health of our models acts as an immediate and powerful motivation to both men and women to become vegan!

Would You Like to Model for us?

If you're a vegetarian or vegan and you'd like to do a photo-shoot with Creative Modeling, you have two different options:

     1) If we have personally asked you if you'd like to do a veggie-promoting photo-shoot, then the shoot will be a collaborative project with no exchange of money. The exact content of these shoots is determined on an individual basis, however they're always beauty focused with a sexy but respectable edge (see our promotional style below). With some input from our photographer, you will choose what clothes, makeup, and props to bring. You'll have all of the artistic input you want (it's nice when the photos reflect the model's individual character). The photographer will direct the shoot, offering guidance and suggestions as needed. We commonly work with non-professional models and are very experienced at helping them to produce amazing results in a fun, no-pressure environment.

     2) If we haven't met you or asked you to do a shoot, please email us at [email protected] Please don't be concerned if you don't get an immediate response. We have an extremely busy schedule and sometimes aren't able to respond to emails for a week or two. Whether we like your photos or not, you will receive an email back as soon as we have time!

Our Promotional Style!

The style of our promotional photos can be summarized as "beautiful, sexy, and respectable." Not only do they show the beauty of our models' faces, they also show the beauty of our models' bodies. This is because it's a person's body far more than their face that truly shows how fit and healthy they are - and we want to show the world just how fit and healthy vegans and vegetarians are!

On a bravery scale of 1 to 5 (as shown in the photos below), we usually work with models who are willing to model at number 2 or higher.

Creative Modeling Daring Scale_edited-8Creative Modeling Daring Scale_edited-8SONY DSC

If you're only comfortable modeling at number 1, then we will respectfully decline to do a promotional shoot with you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with head shots or modeling with all of your skin covered, but we don't find that those kinds of photos are as effective in showing people how fit, fun, beautiful, sexy, and healthy vegans are, so we tend not to do them so much.


Occasionally we encounter people who object to our style. Sometimes people consider our focus on feminine beauty, with a touch of sexiness, to be somehow bad or wrong. We are respectful of everyone's right to have an opinion, however we remain proud of what we are doing. We consider our vegan-promoting project to be a very worthy endeavor for a very worthy cause, and we believe that celebrating the health, beauty, and - yes - sexiness of our models is a positive thing!

It's important to remember when looking at the photos on this website that every single photo you see has been individually approved by the model shown in it. Every single model was/is a consenting adult. Every single model wanted to do a shoot with us. Every single model had full control to say yes or no at any time during their photo-shoot. The photos that you see on this website have been personally selected by the models for public display. Creative Modeling is unusual in that it gives full rights to the photos to its models. We own none of them. So our models can request the removal of their photos at any time. Our founder is also unusual in that he offers all of our models a legally binding contract committing us to whatever rules of use the models request. We're a very model-friendly photography service!  

(If you modeled with us in the past and you've changed your mind about having your photos on this website, please just let us know and we'll remove them!) 

It should also be noted that even though our style includes the word "sexy," it also includes the word "respectable." None of the photos shown on this website would violate any of the photo-rules of Facebook, Instagram, or most other common websites or social media platforms.

So while we do understand that some people might look at our work (and sometimes at us) and see something negative, we see only positive. We see freedom, consent, and the use of beauty to promote a kinder, more moral way of living!

Photo Selection and Use

If you do a photo-shoot with us, hundreds of photos will be produced. We will go through them all first and delete the ones that are obviously not so good (if they're out of focus, if you have your eyes closed, etc.). Then you'll be given access to the rest so that you can pick your favorites. These will all be unprocessed and unedited photos. You can keep copies of them all if you like, but they're not the finished product. After you've chosen your favorite shots, we will process and edit your favorites to produce high quality, professional photos. You will get copies of those photos to do anything you want with!

If we like any of your photos enough, we may ask if you'd like to keep your own gallery open to the public on this website. We may also ask if we can use some of your photos for promotional purposes (on Facebook or Instagram, for example). You have full rights to say no to these requests. You will always remain in full control of your photos, and you will never be asked to give up that right. If you want, we will be happy to sign a legal form for you to that effect. Just ask. However, legal forms or not, we always puts the models' preferences first! Every single photo that appears on this website, on Instagram, on Facebook, etc. has been individually approved by the models featured in them. :)